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BiO-LiFE Livasil 100s+30s

BiO-LiFE Livasil 100s+30s

Product Code: BiO-LiFE Livasil 100s+30s
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Product Description

BiO-LiFE Livasil is a high strength milk thistle supplement, providing 500mg milk thistle extract in each tablet.
Milk thistle is traditionally used as liver tonic. Silymarin, particularly silybin, is the active ingredient of milk thistle. Silybin exhibits anti-inflammatory properties in which it inhibits the inflammatory enzymes that cause inflammation in the liver. It also acts as a free radical scavenger and inhibit lipid peroxidation, protecting the liver from oxidative stress. High strength milk thistle allows the liver to speed up the toxin elimination in the body


Milk Thistle fruit extract 500mg (standardized to 80% silybin)

Direction Of Use/Preparation

Adults: Take one tablet daily with food or as recommended by your health professional