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Abca Escaban Silicone Gel 15gm

Abca Escaban Silicone Gel 15gm

Product Code: Abca Escaban Silicone Gel 15gm
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Product Description:

ABCA Escaban Silicone Gel is an advance formula, especially designed to reduce the scar marks. It helps in the management of scarred skin surfaces resulting from surgery, burns and other injuries. When applied on skin, it dries quickly and at the same time maintains the moisture balance of the skin. It effectively flattens, softens and moisturizes scars as well as reduces the discoloration associated with scars.

ABCA Escaban Silicone Gel is highly effective on closed and healed wounds. It works in keloids and hypertrophic scars that are thick, dry, elevated and of dark color. With regular and proper use of ABCA Escaban Silicone Gel, the scar will flatten, soften and lighten over time.



It is used to reduce prominent immature scars and prevent scars in freshly healed wounds.

It softens, flatten and smooth the scars.

It provides relief from itching, pain and discomfort of scars.


Direction of Use:

Gently apply on the affected areas at least 2 to 3 times daily.

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