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Blackmores Smart Heart 300g

Blackmores Smart Heart 300g

Product Code: Blackmores Smart Heart 300g
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Product Description

Blackmores SMARTHEART™ is a good source of fibre with no added sugar or salt. It can be added to cereal smoothies or yoghurt, providing a great way to easily increase your beta glucan intake to help reduce cholesterol, regulate blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Blackmores SMARTHEART™:

  • Clinically Proven To Reduce Cholesterol
  • Clinically Proven To Regulate Blood Sugar
  • Clinically Proven To Regulate Blood Pressure
  • Made with OatWell™ oat bran


OatWell® OatBran Powder (100%). Contains gluten.

Directions of use/Preparation

2 tablespoons of Blackmores SMARTHEART™ daily provides 3.1grams of oat beta glucan to reduce cholesterol.